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Annotated Plant Datasets for Computer Vision
At the Computer Vision Lab (CVL) we believe that with the modern ubiquity of machine learning, the sharing of image datasets is crucial for the development of new approaches. This website hosts published datasets for plant phenotyping, and will continue to grow as researchers from other organisations host data here. All datasets come with annotations ranging from simple points through to detailed segmentation masks. Each is aimed at providing valuable training and testing data for machine learning and computer vision applications, including classification, object localisation, and segmentation.

The CVL is a multidisciplinary group performing basic and applied research in image manipulation, image analysis, computer vision and related areas of machine learning. A lot of our research focuses on plant phenotyping, but we also do human affective computing, and medical imaging. If you'd like to learn more, please click to read about the group.

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Contribute Datasets
By hosting your own datasets on ACID, you benefit the research community by providing access to good quality training data for new approaches in computer vision. Each dataset provides information on authors, and links back to original papers. We also track downloads that you can use as a measure of impact. Contact us now to get started!
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