About Us
The Computer Vision Lab (CVL) is a multidisciplinary group performing basic and applied research in image manipulation, image analysis, computer vision and related areas of machine learning.

CVL was established in 2014 and is now the home of 30+ academics, research assistants, interns and PhD students. Our goal is to develop novel and efficient techniques for the extraction of quantitative descriptions of viewed objects from a variety of images and image sequences. We also seek to translate those techniques into high quality software tools that can be used to address real world problems.

A key characteristic of the Computer Vision Laboratory is its high level of engagement with other disciplines. We have strong links with colleagues in the Schools of Biosciences, Medicine, Engineering and with other Computer-Science-based labs such as Horizon and the Mixed Reality Laboratory.

Our work in computer vision is driven by the desire to see it used to benefit the research community. The ACID website hosts a number of our datasets, and we are planning on releasing more. Each dataset has driven one or more publications in computer vision and machine learning, and they include detailed annotations of objects of interest. Part-funded by PhenomUK, this repository is available to any other plant researchers who would like to contribute datasets. Please contact us if you would like to find out how to upload data here, or request access as a contributor!
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